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Professional Services


Quantum prides itself in providing professional consulting, commissioning and inspection services for electrical, instrumentation and control (EI&C) systems. Below are some of the tasks and sub-tasks Quantum engineers provide.

Design Tasks

  • Reviews of Project Plans and Specifications

  • Design Consulting

  • Develop EI&C Standards

  • Power Distribution

  • Design Control Panels to UL508 Requirements

  • Develop Master SCADA Plans

  • Network Consulting

Field Tasks

  • As-Built Electrical and Control Panel Drawings

  • Forensic Analysis on EI&C Systems

  • Arc Flash Reviews

Construction Tasks

  • Review Equipment Submittals

  • Validate Installation of Equipment

  • Review Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

  • Field Observation Report or Logs

  • Review Maintenance of Plant Operations

  • Witness Instrumentation Calibration and Loop Checks

  • Commissioning Support

  • Educate Staff on Equipment

  • Review Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Manuals

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