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SkyHarbor Project

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Diageo - Engineering and Integration

Haskell hired Quantum to design the P&ID’s, conduit schedules, control panels and instrumentation for a pH adjustment system for an energy drink manufacturing facility. Mark Reski, P.E. completed the design work, including the selection of the PLC platform and associated instrumentation.

During construction, Quantum technician Everett Pennington assisted with installation and troubleshooting, and also helped with control wiring and reviewed contractor submittals.

Quantum also provided assistance during the commissioning phase by tuning the PLC PID and supporting skid manufacturers on start-up.


Lake Havasu City

Quantum assessed the City's assets at the beginning of the project, discovering that many were reliant on the outdated Windows XP operating system, posing cyber security risks.

Quantum designed and deployed a new SCADA network topology that leveraged individual subnets and a parallel wireless network using a licensed frequency. They also implemented a single and centralized SCADA topology, combining four existing SCADA applications into one.

Quantum engineers developed updated standards for PLC programming and SCADA graphics and the system was commissioned with the latest Microsoft operating systems and Department of Homeland Security best practices for firewalls and antivirus software for an industrial control system.

Quantum also inventoried the technology infrastructure and SCADA assets and reflected them in As-Built drawings. During the commissioning phase, the City was attacked by a ransomware virus, but Quantum's design and implementation of the system with industrial control system security as a top priority prevented the ransomware from affecting the newly deployed SCADA infrastructure.

(Lake Havasu City, AZ)

City of Avondale

The City of Avondale awarded Quantum a contract to perform Electrical Design and SCADA Programming services, which included a five-year update to the existing arc flash assessment and equipment labels for the City's Water Reclamation Facility (WRF).

Lead engineer Mark Reski, P.E. and senior instrumentation and controls technician Seth Warnke inspected the site, reviewed one-line diagrams, and contacted SRP to retrieve the available fault current for all three transformers at the WRF. Mr. Reski utilized SKM Power Tools to perform an arc flash analysis and generate new equipment labels.

The City was provided with an updated engineering report and copies of the equipment labels, including recommendations for Safeside voltage test stations to reduce risk and time to plant staff during voltage readings. The report aimed to provide documentation for the City and future consultants who may update the equipment labels.


Simplot - World Headquarters

Quantum was approached by Hoffman Construction during the construction of the Simplot World Headquarters building to provide a solution for monitoring various control systems in the building.

Quantum designed, deployed, and commissioned a Wonderware System Platform application that connects to most devices via Modbus TCP/IP and Ethernet/IP protocols, as well as multiple control cabinets for equipment that does not support an industrial protocol. The Wonderware application is used to monitor vendor-supplied dewatering skids, HVAC VFDs, generators, automatic transfer switches, power quality monitors, fire systems, and City of Boise geothermal water meters.

Quantum also implemented custom reports and remote alarming, which provide building maintenance personnel with useful information such as the number of times generators are exercised and their durations. In addition, a report indicating geothermal flow and usage was utilized to determine why the building was not receiving sufficient geothermal water.

(Boise, ID)

Spanish Trail Booster Station

Quantum Engineering conducted Electrical, Instrumentation & Controls submittal reviews at the Spanish Trail Booster Station. After issuing comments to contractors, they conducted a resubmittal review and responded to outstanding Requests for Information.

During commissioning, they inspected conduit installations, performed walkthroughs, and conducted a final walkthrough.

Quantum wrote and delivered reports after each site visit, and professional engineer Mark Reski sealed 9 electrical drawings and provided language for the project’s final operations and maintenance manuals during project closeout.


Town of Cave Creek - SCADA Evaluation Services

Quantum was hired by the Town of Cave Creek for a Phase 1 SCADA system evaluation, upgrade and implementation project. Quantum engineers inspected over 40 sites including one water reclamation facility and two water treatment plants, and provided an assessment report that outlined each site with a risk score based on current SCADA capabilities, equipment obsolescence, and infrastructure importance. They also developed a system alternatives report comparing alternative SCADA manufacturers against the Town’s existing SCADA equipment.

After the scoring results were reviewed with Town stakeholders, one manufacturer for water services and another for wastewater services were selected.

Quantum then created a preliminary design outline with budgetary construction estimates, which was presented to the Town and discussed during a formal meeting.

As a final project deliverable, Quantum presented the Phase 1 assessment documents and presentations in a formal report to the Town Council.

(Cave Creek, AZ)