Quantum Integrated Solutions is an electrical engineering and process control instrumentation consulting firm based in Tempe, AZ. We offer a wide range of engineering design services, instrumentation and controls(I&C) services and capabilities in various automated industries. We have experience in: I&C process design; financial cost modeling; various analysis and design of DCS, PLC, and HMI/SCADA systems; computer systems applications; industrial networking and database development. Quantum also provides complete on-site services for startup and troubleshooting of I&C systems.

​Automation Programming


Quantum has extensive experience in a wide range of automation programming, including Wonderware Rockwell Automation, Modicon and many other automation hardware and software platforms.​ Along with this experience, Quantum is recognized and certified systems integrator. 

Cyber Security


Cyber intrusions into US critical infrastructure Systems are happening with increased frequency on a daily basis.  Simply building a network with a hardened perimeter is no longer adequate.  Quantum has Department of Homeland Security (DHS) trained and certified industrial cyber security software engineers to assess and remediate the threats to your industrial facility.

Operations Technology (OT)

Information Technology (IT) vs. Operations Technology (OT)

IT vs. OT, two worlds that share common goals but with different objectives, and require different skill sets. Your IT department is tasked and trained to work on a VM box, a server or workstation.  The OT side of your business is tasked with maintaining the entire plant working in one cohesive networked data environment.  One process operation is often dependent upon adjacent operations or even operations outside of the local plant environment.  It is this OT skill set that requires a different type of engineer! Contact Quantum's OT department to assist with your software technology inquiries.

Mobile Processing Skid


Quantum has delivered numerous mobile skid units for various customers. These mobile skids have integrated controls including PLCs, variable frequency drives and instruments. Skids are assembled and controlled to the end user’s requirements.


These mobile processing skid applications have been installed throughout Arizona, North Dakota and Texas.

Engineering & Design Services


Quantum provides an extremely wide range of services to our clients including:

  • Electrical Engineering Design Services

  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

  • Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC)

  • Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)

  • Operator Interface Terminals (OIT)

  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

  • Motor Control Centers (MCC) - Drives and Soft-starts

  • Control System Integration

  • Control Panel Design and Programming

  • Instrumentation

  • I&C Engineering and Design Services

  • Panel Fabrication - UL508A




Quantum can provide system owners with installation and commissioning services for instrumentation. Instrumentation can be integrated into a control system for monitoring and alarming, using a 4-20mA signal or an industrial communication protocol. 

Maintenance & Support Contracts


Support contracts are extremely important in the automation world, but are usually overlooked. Support contracts can be tailored to the customer's application or needs. Most support contracts are designed for periodic visits or remote support of the customer's system.


Typical support contracts are designed to:

  • Make Control or Graphical Changes

  • Replace Equipment

  • Recommissioning or Restart Assistance

  • Backup PLC/PAC Code

  • Minimize Failure

  • Troubleshooting

  • Replace Faulty Equipment


There is always a possibility of an accident that may results in damage to your panel and PLC. In some cases, PLC code can not be recovered, which requires an entire rewrite of the PLC code. A support contract where the PLC code is backed up will minimized the repair cost and  time to restart the system.


Don't let a PLC code rewrite happen to you. Contact Quantum for a support services contract.


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