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Central Arizona Project

Assessment, Design, and Oversight

Quantum was selected to provide engineering, consulting, and assessment services for the Central Arizona Project process control system at the Waddell Dam. The dam and control system were designed and constructed by the Bureau of Reclamation in the late 1980’s as a turn-key system for CAP. The dam consists of four pumping units and four pump/generating units that allow CAP to add water to, or remove water from, Lake Pleasant. This dam is critical to the overall delivery of fresh drinking water throughout the State of Arizona. Automation at the dam were controlled by thirteen obsolete Allen-Bradley PLC-5 controllers, containing over 80 racks of I/O modules for various instrumentation and was monitored by two independent SCADA systems. This enormous and critical process control system was assessed by Quantum as a precursor to an anticipated automation upgrade.

After a thorough assessment of the control system, Quantum provided a report to CAP detailing risks resulting from obsolescence of their PLC-5 platform. Quantum provided consulting services to CAP to develop conversion strategies for eliminating both the discontinued hardware and software. Multiple meetings were organized with CAP engineering staff and management to refine the potential conversion methods into one hardware and software upgrade strategy.

With a conversion strategy selected to Allen-Bradley ControlLogix, an anticipated phasing plan was developed. The phasing plan outlined the order in which the control system would be converted. A draft of the phasing plan was presented to the CAP engineering and operations departments. Feedback from these departments was critical and was included into an initial revision of the phasing plan. Based on the phasing plan and selected conversion strategy, an Opinion of Probable Construction Cost (OPCC) was developed. The CAP engineering department then held a meeting with their project steering committee to discuss the assessment, consultation and project estimates provided by Quantum.

PLC-5 to ControlLogix™

Project Highlights
- Assessed over 1,000 E&IC Drawings.
- Inspected control panels and instrumentation.
- Delivered a 200-page inspection report.
- All work performed at CAP headquarters.
- Provided general control system consulting.
- Detailed migration plans.
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