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Process and control automation is our business!



Quantum specializes in providing professional engineering and automation control system services for industrial and commercial manufacturing facilities. Quantum is a firm comprised of a professional engineering and integration department with it's headquarters located in Arizona.

Quantum is a fast paced company, that works diligently to provide quality and reliability to its clientele. We have worked hard to achieve our reputation as being one of the most esteemed engineering and controls firms in the industry. We strive every day to maintain that reputation. We look forward to being your next dependable business partner in a fast paced world!


Quantum's engineering department is committed to providing professional consulting, engineering and inspection services for industrial and commercial manufacturing

Quantum is engineering today's advanced control systems that utilize traditional control system design methods, while including networking, security and IIOT to better leverage better control and analytics from automated control systems. 


Quantum's integration department is certified and recognized by largest manufacturers of automation hardware and software in the world! This recognition and certifications contest to our integrator's quality and experience. Quantum integration department prides itself on providing customers with ingenious system design and services, unsurpassed by our competitors.

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