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Our Partnership with Rockwell Automation

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Our partnership with Rockwell Automation is a testament to our commitment to excellence. As trusted collaborators, we are thrilled to co-develop cutting-edge edge-to-cloud solutions that seamlessly connect information across development, operations, and maintenance teams. By leveraging our collective expertise in operations technology (OT) and Microsoft’s prowess in information technology (IT), we empower businesses with world-class solutions. Together, we accelerate industrial automation design and development, ensuring that our customers receive industry-leading solutions backed by generative artificial intelligence (AI). We take immense pride in being a reliable partner, delivering unparalleled productivity and faster time-to-market for a connected enterprise.

Rockwell Automation Capabilities

Our unwavering commitment lies in seamlessly integrating Rockwell Automation’s cutting-edge solutions into our clients’ operations. As a trusted Rockwell Automation System Integration Partner, we bridge the gap between innovation and practical implementation. Our deep understanding of their offerings empowers businesses to achieve excellence in industrial automation. We take immense pride in meeting all the requirements to proudly display our capability badges, showcasing our expertise and dedication to delivering world-class solutions.  

A Recognized Industry Expert.

As a recognized Water/Wastewater industry expert, our company excels in providing cutting-edge Rockwell Automation solutions for water treatment and distribution systems. With a proven track record, we address major challenges faced by water professionals nationwide, including stringent regulations, rising costs, and aging infrastructure. Our dependable, flexible control solutions maximize productivity, reduce implementation costs, and ensure regulatory compliance. Partnering with us means leveraging proven technology to enhance operational efficiency and achieve sustainable utility management.

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